Anibal Diéguez is a Young Latin American artist, born in Guatemala in 1977. He started his artistic career very young, consolidating it through studies in the National School of Visual Arts of Guatemala. His work includes painting, poetry and essay. Since 1998 he has sold and donated his work at an individual level to private collectors in New York, Berlin, Chicago, Brazil, Denmark, Texas, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Since birth he’s been surrounded by the multiple political and social transformations that Guatemala has suffered, which made him grow up exiled, experience that marked him and that’s expressed in his literary and pictorial work.

The technical perfection shown in his work is the result of more than 15 years of work, which he has complemented with solid arguments in the graphic speech that he exposes. This is the expression of an internal quest for perfection on the technical and conceptual plains.

As a sociologist, career which he studied, he has looked upon art from a critical concept, managing through his visual work to capture the philosophical and ideological concept that he has built and argued upon on essays that have received several awards on international competitions

In his work, Anibal Diéguez presents four key concepts: movement, unity, multiple realities and spontaneous generation, all expressed through the art works that he creates.

His work captures the way objects are link and concentrated, thus establishing a concept of unity, which evokes movement through the technique that he uses, which is to drop paint on canvas absorbing movement. In words of the artist, this achieves a “frozen movement” that, together with spontaneous generation of the forms that are not modified through the art process, make these pieces unique and unrepeatable.

For this Latin American artist, human beings move between several different realities, which means that multiple realities are necessary to explain the events through which we move, as well as our art perception. Anibal does not emphasize composition, which is not a part of his discourse. Because of this, the observer may find in dissonant contrasts, colors and forms in his work, never leaving aside an exquisite perception of color, unity and movement.

His vast experience in art and culture management have led him through time to work in countries like Brasil, where by the use of collective art methods he took part in the creation of artwork with the children of the favelas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as schools in the rural areas of Minas Gerais.

Since 2012 the artist has carried on creating his work in Berlin, where he currently carries out his artistic work, both visual and literary.

In words of Anibal Dieguez, art is the multidimensional expression of reality, originated in the spiritual memory of humanity.

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